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Corporate social responsibility

CGF is committed...

Since we started our business, we've made people our priority but that's not all.

We committed to our CSR policy in 2017 to standardise our activities.

A CSR policy (Corporate Social Responsibility) reflects companies taking accountability for sustainable development issues and making environmental, social and economic goals part of their strategy.

Make decisions and achieve our goals responsibly

  • Welcome feedback from our staff and partners,
  • Respect the principle of equality, ethics and animal welfare,
  • Promote values such as quality, respect, attention to detail and team spirit.

Better manage our impact on the environment

  • Sort and recycle our waste,
  • Promote environmental awareness among our staff,
  • Monitor our energy use to better manage it.

Satisfy consumers with transparent information

  • Welcome feedback from our clients and consumers,
  • Provide information about provenance with online product traceability,
  • Inspect all our products to ensure quality and reliability.

Boost the local area and regional employment

  • Protect regional artisan expertise with a focus on regional suppliers,
  • Get involved in community activities and support local charities,
  • Celebrate our staff and partners' regional skills.

Join the sustainable consumerism movement

Consommation durable

Eat, exercise, be healthy

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