La qualité, on y prend goût !

The company

CGF CHARCUTERIE was founded in 1982 by two brothers and their friend. The company actually features the 3 friends' initials:

Christophe Huchin, Gérard Coze and Frédéric Huchin.

It all began in 1982 at a family-run workshop in Coulogne.

Entreprise CGF Historique

We've focused our attention on 2 areas since founding the company: 

- Quality produce
- Regional ingredients (100% Nord/Pas de Calais pork)

In 1989 we earned our first regional Nord/Pas de Calais label with our "LA BOURGEOISE DU NORD" liver pâté followed by our "LA FLAMANDE" potjevlesch and "LE PETIT SALé LILLOIS".

This all went on until the EU banned REGIONAL LABELS in 2002.

Stripped of our official quality label, we joined forces with other companies to establish the regional collective brand with the help of the REGIONAL COUNCIL, CHAMBER OF AGRICULTURE and NORD/PAS DE CALAIS QUALITY GROUP:

SAVEURS EN OR was founded on September 17th 2004.

CGF CHARCUTERIE hasn't stopped expanding since and has become a leading name in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais food industry.

Romain and Manu joined the company to take the reins in 2008.

To be continued...