La qualité, on y prend goût !

20% fois gras white pudding

  • Storage

Vacuum packed. Store at 0-4°C

  • Packaging

8 white pudding 0.250 Kg
Approx, 2.000 Kg

Pack of 2 white pudding
Approx, 0.250 Kg

Suggestions and recommendations for use
Serve as a pre-dinner nibble (with a glass of champagne or sweet white wine), starter or main with an apple sauce or stewed fruit garnish (e.g. an oven-baked pear). Ideal for Christmas meals or a treat.

Cook the foie gras white pudding for 15-20 minutes on a very low heat, turn regularly and don't pierce the skin so you cook it enough to look caramelised, as per the photos. You can use the fat from the packet to cook it in.

Bon appétit